Sunday, May 6, 2012

Knitting time

Knitting time seems to flow way differently then regular time :) When I'm knitting I measure time in stitches done, rows completed, and finished projects. Knitting time is passing slowly around here lately.

I did want to update on what I'm working on and how much is done :)

I'm working on

As Always I'm working on...

Mitered Square Blanket
Beekeepers quilt
My precious

I'm also working on

My super secret swap projects
Bugs top/dress (which apparently I haven't started a project page for LOL)
Bug's "bunny" dress
Es O ce Ke es

On my wheel

I'm spinning some very lovely fiber (70% corriedale wool and 30% mohair) in the colorway "Love potion #9" from Spinning Moon Farm . I am a monogamist spinner if not a knitter :)

I keep wanting to put more on my needles but I want to finish something first. I keep going back to my mitered square blankets at the moment. They are holding my attention best. I guess that says a lot about how busy my life is at the moment.